We offer a number of services including:


Stage It Wright offers Consulting Services that will help ease the strains that often accompany preparing a home to be placed on the market.

Consultations start with a complete and thorough walk-through giving you a detailed analysis of your home’s attractions, as well as the trouble spots. From curb appeal, to room-by-room assessment, to what repairs and investments may be needed for a quicker sale and higher profit, and more! You will be advised how to specifically show off your home to make a premiere presentation, in prioritized order.

Your instructions will be stream-lined so your efforts in the process can be simplified and the results extremely effective. A follow-up print out with specific enhancement instructions and easy remedies given in the initial consultation can be ordered for an additional fee.

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Because knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it are two different things, Stage It Wright offers hands-on Staging Services.  To ensure your home will be shown at its finest, each room will be edited and arranged to show off its best features.

Clutter elimination, organizing, furniture layout, and lighting are just a few of the areas we consider when staging each room for show. You will also be given a detailed listing of repairs or improvements that may be essential in the re-sale potential of your home.

Whether you are looking for help with one or two rooms, or the entire house, Stage It Wright services can be of help.

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Interior Re-Design is for the homeowner who isn’t selling, but would like to re-work the furnishings and accessories in their home to make it as functional, beautiful and inviting as possible.  By creating a specific design plan for the house including paint colors, realistic purposes for each space, optimization of overall flow and personalization within rooms, the home is transformed from decorated to designed – using primarily what the homeowner already owns!

Stage It Wright can assist you in a one-room makeover or a whole house makeover.  Homeowners are consistently impressed at the “new home” they have after a Re-Design.  Allow us to transform your home into a fresh place where you will love to live.


It is time to get organized!  We will assist you in decluttering your home and setting up a system that works to keep you organized and can be easily maintained.


Adding the right color is a powerful tool and is the least expensive way to give your home personality and warmth.  Picking out colors for your home can be both overwhelming and intimidating.  We will work with you to select the right paint colors in the right rooms of your home to create continuity and flow between rooms.

All services work to maximize a home’s best features and assure a favorable presentation.